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Dear TAB-TOTE®, "TAB-TOTE® is the best supplement organizer my patients and I have ever seen or used...It’s perfect for daily use and for trips, and is an incredible time saver. With TAB-TOTE®, I've noticed willing compliance in even the most supplement-resistant patients. Thank you for an excellent product, I personally wouldn't be without one."Dr. Karen Boone, O.M.D., Ph.D., L.Ac., Colorado


"I am absolutely delighted with this product and would not travel without it.  I customize my personal supplement program once a month, and use TAB-TOTE® every day.  With this kind of organization and easy dispensing, my daily vitamin program is effortless." Debra St. Claire, Master Herbalist, Colorado


"…For several years, I've been a participant in a Nation-wide research project and had difficulty with remembering to take my study tablets as recommended, however, since using the TAB-TOTE® "Classic", I've never missed a dose." Betty Walcott,
New York


"…We both take prescription medication on a daily basis along with supplements such as vitamins and minerals. Since we have used TAB-TOTES, we both are remembering our medications daily. We only have to spend time once a month to fill them, so the whole process of refilling prescriptions and replenishing the supplements has been easier." Marceil Ten Eyck, Washington 


"I was extremely excited when introduced to the TAB-TOTE®. For several years I have purchased different kinds of vitamin holders, only to find when put in a suitcase, the vitamins spilled out of the compartments, or the containers weren't large enough; the 7-day holders are a real hassle. Put me down as a very satisfied customer and believe me, I'm telling all my friends." Janis K. Hart, Washington

It's a normal human reaction to avoid tedious or aggravating habits, and the pill bottle routine is one of the worst. TAB-TOTE® Classic has achieved the highest degree of success with regular regimen adherence because annoying and time consuming bottle procedures are eliminated for a month at a time. Also, tip-out dispensing makes getting each daily dose so quick and easy that there are no real barriers of inconvenience, or of taking too much of your time, that prevent you from doing it.

Many persons find the TAB-TOTE® system so convenient, and daily follow through so easy, that they buy enough units to organize for 2 months at a time. If your intake is twice a day, then your morning intake can be in one Classic unit labeled AM, and in another labeled PM. (Do it yourself labeling kits are included) If it's 3 or 4 times a day one would be AM, one NOON one PM, and one BED or whatever is your schedule.

Maximum safety: Organizing this way provides absolute medication safety by separating every dose of the day into its own compartment. Medication doses cannot be confused. The doses are marked for the day, and time of day. It's real obvious if a dose has been missed at the correct time. Your worst error may be that you take it a bit late.

Maximum convenience: No daily memory work about daily doses is needed, it's all done. Dispensing takes a couple of seconds leaving you time to do better things with your day.

Easy reminder cues: Any number of cues can be used to remember to take each dose. A particularly good one is to place TAB-TOTE® as part of the mealtime place setting because you don't forget to eat. You don't forget to sleep so place the bedtime intake on the beside table along with a glass of water. 

                                   3Classic   1 ET

When  your away from home ET is FREE when you order the 3 Classic package.

Senior's Safety

If you are one of the many seniors or persons with chronic illness that take a variety of medications more than once a day over the long term...TAB-TOTE® has the most advanced solution to assure your safety and provide the easiest, most time-saving way for you to consistently take your regimen. The concept is very simple and extremely effective. Organize each intake of the day into its own separate one-month Classic unit. As simple as it is, this concept of organizing is a real breakthrough for successful long-term medication (and or supplements) adherence.

Seniors...Don't compromise your safety when taking your medications. There is an easy, safe, solution for complete safety in taking multiple long-term medications...the TAB-TOTE® pill organizer pill dispenser system gives you unsurpassed safety in taking your entire daily pill regimen. 

92 year old Vera credits her TAB-TOTE® for her good health.With her mother Vera on medications four times a day, her daughter’s primary concern was for her mother’s safety in taking a complicated medication regimen. To easily handle the problem, Vera got her four original Classic units over 10 years ago when they first became available.  Her daughter loads them for her once a month giving Vera full peace of mind knowing that her medications are correct.  Forgetting to take medications, catching up and overdosing, accidents and misuse are mistakes common with everyone not just seniors.

Vera says “There is no way I would be able to remember to take my prescriptions, and all my supplements regularly, and be as safe without my TAB-TOTE®” If there are “Vera’s” in your life that you want to give the same love and care, there is no better way to assure safety, and consistency in taking medication and supplement regimens than to organize each intake of the day in a separate one-month Classic unit. 


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